House Concerts

You may have heard of a new trend in acoustic music called HOUSE CONCERTS. Essentially, these are concerts of live music held in the comfort of someone's home. They provide the opportunity to enjoy music in an intimate, relaxed setting. Many people consider house concerts to be their favorite way to hear their favorite performers.

Eric does several house concerts each year. If you are interested in having him play in your home, you would need:

1. A large room (that could accommodate at least 40 chairs) or a suitable outdoor space. Remember, it doesn't have to be your house; maybe a friend has a space that would work.

2. Enough chairs for everyone. (If necessary, they can be rented cheaply.)

3. At least 40 friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc., at $20-$25 per person.

We can give you guidelines on promoting the show and taking reservations (e-mail works great) as well as other good advice to make the event successful and fun.
If you're interested in hosting Eric Taylor, you can simply e-mail Susan in our Blue Ruby Music office


Include your name and where you live, and we'll get the ball rolling!

Thank you.

P.S. Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested.

See below for Testimonials from past house concert hosts!


Photo: Olencki Graphics

Artist: Georgia Green


“This right here, is the most perplexing part of what I do as a house concert host. It is my intention, purpose, to write something of an introduction to our artist that makes you want to learn more about them and come out to hear them perform their songs. But with Eric, I am essentially defeated before I begin because I don't have the words sufficient to convey what he brings to the house concert table. If you are familiar with his music or have been fortunate enough to see him perform a house concert before, you know what I say to be the truth. If you have yet to experience an Eric Taylor concert, if you love the sort of songwriting that changes your perspective while enthralling to the point of making you forget to breathe, if you love storytelling that is never predictable or derivative and akin to the best fiction-writing, if you love guitar work that is never flashy but always brilliant, if you love discovering an artist that is singularly of his own mold, then Eric Taylor is your man. Please join us and experience for yourself how short I have fallen of my stated purpose.” – Denise, Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts (March 2015)

“It was a real privilege having Eric share an evening with us. From his first words, he had the audience in the palm of his hands, and frequently laughing in stitches! Storytelling was woven in, through and around his songs and I, for one, left the evening with a renewed appreciation for his personal contribution to a long and venerable generation of Texas songwriters.” – D. Holiday, Stone Room Concerts (April 2012)

“Reporting back that we had a great concert last night. A very enthusiastic and appreciative audience. The report from Harrisonburg was the same. Thank you for your help in getting Eric to us!” -- Polly, host of Village Concerts (March 2012)

“Dick and I very much enjoyed Eric Taylor’s music and stories today. His style is almost hypnotic!” -- Village Concerts (March 2012)

“I was literally stunned by Eric’s poetic lyrics, tasteful guitar and heartfelt storytelling.” -- Village Concerts (March 2012)

“Big hearts new friends!!! Great stories and banjo lessons.” -- Van, Village Concerts (March 2012)

“I had heard of Eric but had never heard him play. I can honestly say that I've never seen a performer leave so much of himself on stage. He was so honest and his emotions while singing so raw that he could have been alone instead of playing before a room full of strangers.” -- Tom Henry, Barnes House Concert (August 2011)

“To say I recommend Eric Taylor is more than an understatement. I had this man twice in my house, I saw him 4 times in other venues in my hometown over the years and everytime it was wonderful. I don't know where to start to praise. His guitar playing is excellent, his stories are a pleasure to listen to (I could sit the whole night and just listen to his stories) and his songs are brilliant. Beside that, he's a true gentleman and a friendly and warmhearted person. See Eric once and you're addicted. Just great.” -- A. Heller-Elspass (February 2011)

“We had another beautiful afternoon and evening with Eric. These moments in life are special opportunities for us and sharing them with friends is even better!” -- Jill, High Springs House Concert (January 2011)

“That was a treasure of an afternoon.. and Eric Taylor helped make it.. I could of listened forever out in river bend / birds joining in..sun light dazzling. Oh my. I am wonderfully rejuvenated. THANK YOU” -- High Springs House Concert (January 2011)

“Please pass on to Eric how much we enjoyed the show and his company and friendship yesterday.   Lots of fun for us and the reason why we do house concerts.  We have been sitting on the deck this morning playing Eric’s music and marveling at the fact that he was playing those same songs in our living room last night.   It was just a wonderful night for us.  We only book artists that we love and always hope that we can bring in people that will connect with our audience - most of who are hearing the musicians for the first time. Thanks for helping to make this possible. We’d love to do it again sometime.” -- Mike & Peggy Dunham, Burritoville House Concerts (April 2010)

“The Eric Taylor date was PHENOM. He completely eclipsed our expectations. Eric's talent is a joy and inspiration to hold. But it's his graciousness, his humble, loving, generous heart that shines through and you can know his name is now written on our hearts as one of the finest people we've been fortunate to meet and host. Eric Taylor is a beautiful soul besides being hella talented. No other artist at Hillbilly Haiku, with one possible exception, has eclipsed our expectations like Eric did. We'll have him back next year for sure.” -- Denise, Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts (March 2010)

“We had a great night.  Everyone was quite taken with the performance.” -- Sonny Thomas, Fiddle & Bow House Concert (March 2010)

“Sitting here trying to think of words to express how amazing the last two nights have been....5 minutes later still thinking, I don't think there are words that good. I do know I cannot thank you and Eric enough.  He is a great guy, big heart.” -- Phil, Richmond House Concert (March 2010)

Artist: Bentz Kirby