Quotes From The Road



Byron’s – Pomeroy, IA – May 21, 2017

“Another stellar experience with Eric Taylor. What a sweet heart of a man. So tall and grumpy looking but a soul to melt your heart. I love listening to his songs but his stories enthrall me. I can live vicariously through him. I wish I would have met him years ago. Love, peace and music.” – Byron Stuart

Bluebird Cafe – Nashville, TN – March 1, 2017

“The show was really good last night  – Eric is a real treasure! So great to have him back.” – Erika, Bluebird Cafe

Isis Music Hall – Asheville, NC – February 24, 2017

“Thanks to Eric Taylor for a unique show of songs and stories! A rare treat for the Asheville audience. He was so wonderful to meet and talk to. The crowd really appreciated him as well. Even the servers were taken with his music and stories.” – Louise, Isis Music Hall

“Had a great evening and even better music.” – Mary

“In a world choking on five ‘n dime stores, Eric Taylor savors the alleys with stories & songs of rats & queens he knows like the back of his hand. Eric’s on tour – go see him. Peace.” – Malcolm Holcombe


Grassroots Oasis – San Diego, CA – December 3, 2016

“A beautiful night you gave us.” – Martha, Grassroots Oasis

“It truly was one of the most inspiring concerts I’ve seen. What an extraordinary man I had the great honor of hearing and talking with.” – Gregory

You Sir make the truth seem gentle. Thank you.” – written note left on stage for Eric

Junction @ Monroe – Tallahassee, FL – April 2, 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed Eric’s company and his performance. We’d love to have him back again.” – Russ & Josie

Moonlight on the Mountain – Birmingham, AL – April 1, 2016

It’s interesting to read the many ways that Eric’s concertgoers try to explain his profound performance style— catch-all terms like “storyteller”, “lyricist”, “master guitarist” appear repeatedly, as they should… but little glimmers of the truth shine out when one refers to him as “a shaman”, or makes note of the “dark magic” that steels his theatrical, mesmerizing command of a small stage. The grand tradition of original Texas troubadoury owes much of itself to Taylor’s leadership— and that’s a remarkable thing, given that he’s actually a native of North Georgia… one more little thing that connects our particular audience to his intense, engaging narratives.” – Keith Harrelson

Landhaven B&B – Barto, PA – March 12, 2016

“Wasn’t that a glorious time!  Always is with Eric. And he was in the best mood, best tune—all around a winning weekend at Landhaven.” – Gene Shay

Europe 2015

Cafe de Amer – Amen, The Netherlands – November 1, 2015

I just saw an absolutely transcendent show by Eric this afternoon at De Amer and would love to know when he’s coming back through the Netherlands.” – Erin

Muziekpodium Bakkeveen – Bakkeveen, The Netherlands – October 30, 2015

Thank you for your kind words. We had a wonderful evening and a great concert. Personally I laughed my ass off listening to Eric’s great stories. We’ll definitely keep in touch! – Jitte Huitema

CARAD Arts Studio – Rhayader, Wales – October 2, 2015

Eric Taylor with special guest Jack Harris

This was a wonderful night. Two brilliant songwriters and stage performers delivering a unique experience. So warm, fantastic music, great great stories. A great atmosphere. I do not think this kind of show will be around again in a hurry. Brilliant. Thanks to all who organised it.” – Russ Harris

Americana Festival Vienna

“The music was just incredibly good and exciting and beautiful. [These] Eric Taylor stories, which you must have heard........ A Madness normal. Sensational!” – Othmar, Americana Festival Vienna

“The great Eric Taylor was in fine form last night, accompanied by Mathias Schneider. One of a kind.” – Dylan Whiting, photographer

May 2015

Santa Rosa House Concert – Santa Rosa, CA – May 16, 2015

“It was a lovely evening of amazing, often mesmerizing and heartbreaking, stories and songs. Thank you so much for coming all the way to Sonoma County for us. And thank you Robin and Peter for being great hosts (again and again).” – Kelly in Santa Rosa

June 2015

FolkHouse – Omaha, NE – June 6, 2015

“The Omaha show was so wonderful, as always. Eric is such a great showman/shaman/storyteller and his guitar work is so marvelous... it's always an honor to get to see and hear him and a double honor to enjoy his music at FolkHouse with the Brich family, which Eric obviously loves dearly.” – B.J. Huchtemann, The Reader

"Eric Taylor is a force of nature, a brilliant writer, sage observer of humanity, mesmerizing performer and one of my favorite people. This will mark Eric's seventh FolkHouse appearance and we are honored to have him back. Part music concert, part spoken word, an Eric Taylor concert might best be described as an unblinking theatrical human experience. Performance art at its best. I can't recommend this show enough... " – Jerome Brich, FolkHouse Concerts

March 2015

Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts – Lebanon, TN – March 21, 2015

“This right here, is the most perplexing part of what I do as a house concert host. It is my intention, purpose, to write something of an introduction to our artist that makes you want to learn more about them and come out to hear them perform their songs. But with Eric, I am essentially defeated before I begin because I don't have the words sufficient to convey what he brings to the house concert table. If you are familiar with his music or have been fortunate enough to see him perform a house concert before, you know what I say to be the truth. If you have yet to experience an Eric Taylor concert, if you love the sort of songwriting that changes your perspective while enthralling to the point of making you forget to breathe, if you love storytelling that is never predictable or derivative and akin to the best fiction-writing, if you love guitar work that is never flashy but always brilliant, if you love discovering an artist that is singularly of his own mold, then Eric Taylor is your man. Please join us and experience for yourself how short I have fallen of my stated purpose.” – Denise Williams

FHL Concerts – Brownsville, TN – March 20, 2015

“Eric Taylor - fantastic form last night at the FHL house concerts in our home. Anybody headed to or in Nashville area, Eric there tonight.” – Bob Ford

Europe 2014

Grateful Fred’s at The Atkinson - October 1, 2014

“It was a brilliant show last night at Grateful Fred's. Eric was mesmerising. Such an atmospheric performance. Our audience of Fredheads were spellbound. Thanks for helping me put on one of the best Grateful Fred Nights.” – Colin Maddocks

BBC Radio Merseyside

“[Studio 10] incredibly atmospheric record there. I can almost feel dirt in me mouth. A voice that’s been lived in for years. Compulsive listening, the voice.” – Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside

The Auction Room - Maghera, N. Ireland - October 15, 2014

“Maghera was blown away! Can't wait to have him back in town - we've had three impromptu music sessions today in the shop just on the back of Eric performing last night. What a lift to the area to have such talent come visit us and share his music and stories,” – Neil Hyndman

“The most sublime poetry, in spoken word and song... this was a very memorable evening, in the company of Texas singer songwriter Eric Taylor, in the Auction Room in Maghera last evening... Support live music…” – Alwyn Spence

The Real Music Club – Belfast, N. Ireland – Oct. 16, 2014

“I've been a long time admirer of Eric Taylor. We've had him at The Real Music Club maybe 5 or 6 times over the years. Eric played with us on Thursday. What a show, he was in great form. He is quite simply one of the greatest songwriters in this genre and such a unique performer.” – Jim Heaney

DC Music Club – Dublin, Ireland – Oct. 17, 2014

“Just home from an Eric Taylor gig in DC Club, Dublin. Go and see this man. He is special. Just sit back and listen to a sage. A real pleasure.” – Paul Lee

“I’m from Dublin, and by sheer chance – fate! – I saw that Eric Taylor was playing in Dublin on 17 October. Couldn’t figure out how that could be! But it was THE Eric Taylor, so I went along and saw him play in a small, old-fashioned room in an old-fashioned workingmen’s club, with a small bar to the right of stage. Then Eric came on . . . and killed me really. I can’t really write about the gig ‘cos I’ve nothing to compare it to. I knew his songs from the Resurrect album, some of which he played, but I don’t have the ability to replicate on a page the intensity, the depth, the darkness and light, that was that performance. But believe me, it was awesome and just pinned me down, floored me, and wiped me out. Luckily, I bought the Studio 10 album and have played and played it since then, and it’s so tough and beautiful. I just wanted to say Thank You to Eric - seeing him and hearing him play in that wonderful small setting was a revelation and a wonderful privilege and he gave everything of himself without reservation or artifice.” – George in Dublin

August 2014

Midwest Tour

“You could not have booked a more sincere talent !!!! Eric spins magic on the stage ..I've never seen anyone do what Eric does with his art ....If you have never seen Eric perform ...then you truly have missed out ...Lucky for you some great folks like Chris Castle, Smitty Smith, Dennis McCurdy & Jay Johnson all have scheduled Eric on this tour so if your vehicle is in working order and you live in Michigan/Ohio or Pa. ....then you have no excuse ..get your butt out to see Eric Taylor. Never take for granted that talent like this will be so available to you in such wonderful venues ...Texas is a long ways away, touring is hard and true talent is rare ...get off your ass and support what you love !” – Midwest ET fan

April 2014

Cañon Concerts – Santa Barbara, CA – April 10, 2014

Eric is an engaging artist with an easy stage presence and some serious life stories to tell through his lyrics - of course - but also through his heartfelt delivery. My audience thoroughly enjoyed his concert and the CDs flew off the table to eager buyers. His stage setup is simple and his manner with other pre-concert potluck dinner guests was comfortable and outgoing. Terrific concert entertainer.” – Rick

June 2013

The Rock Room – Austin, TX – June 28, 2013

“I may have played my best show ever last night. The experience of being in the here and now onstage with Eric Taylor for two long sets was nothing short of astonishing. It is a gift for an artist to be able to summon listeners and supporting musicians into one's world and keep them in rapt attention and completely in the moment. Presence is a beautiful thing- thanks Eric...:” – David Webb

The Green Frog – Bellingham, WA – June 17, 2013

“Tonight I was able to see someone who is rapidly becoming a musical hero to me. I've been to over 2500 shows in the past 8 years. Eric Taylor may be the only performer that I have encountered who has given enough of himself, through his music, that I've accepted, without reservation or remorse, the invitation into his world.

It is a beautiful, albeit sad, world of friends and loves gone...solid gone. But through the tales of his life and that of the lives around him I get an overwhelming sense of inspiration, hope, and gratitude. I know that no matter what happens in this life, I will have words to express what those experiences mean. I have the opportunity to change things and to be changed by things and to observe the change around me.

I do not like change. And I don't like the thought of losing friends along the way. But there is solace in words. I just hope that when the time comes and those words flow from necessity, rather than choice, that I am able to conjure a muse that comes to me with the same grace and eloquence that allows Eric Taylor to so beautiful convey to the public what most people hide in solitary tears.

Thank you, friend.”  – James Hardesty

Hilltop Hootenanny House Concert – West Seattle, WA – June 16, 2013

“I love it when I see a singer-songwriter perform and I wake up the next morning with a compelling desire to pick up my guitar, and a brand new tune swirling around my head like a whisper I strain to hear. Thank you to Eric Taylor for a great show, to Steve Duda for all his hard work helping make it happen, and to all the folks who came out! “ – Rachel Harrington

“Still basking in the music and stories from last night's house concert by Eric Taylor over at Rachel & Steve's place. Have to say it may have been the best one I've seen which is going some distance. Something happenin' that is new - an edge and perhaps a channel through which some pure presence or essence is flowing - the familiar stories all had some new twist or element....the new ones some strange blend of comfort and danger. High point for me last evening was "the highway kind"....for as many times as I have heard that song (a few by TVZ his own self) I never heard it as it was last night in West Seattle....as if little flames were firing off each and every word in the stillness of that crowded room. Wow.”  – Nancy Dillon

May 2013

Knucklehead’s – Kansas City, MO – May 15, 2013

Hello Eric, I listened you tonight at knuckleheads gospel lounge. When you came in the door right after me I knew I should have said more, guessing you were our guest at the lounge...I thank you so much for sharing a peace of your heart with us tonight, and feel so very lucky to be in the same room with you!” – Mary Beth

Camelback Concerts – Rochester, MN – May 10, 2013

“Eric Taylor is a surprising juggler of words, carefully weaving his story until it explodes into song. A mix of songwriting genius and theater that held the audience with ears leaning forward.” – Joanne

April 2013

Painted Sky Studios – Harmony, CA – April 24, 2013

Blown away by your work Eric.  Powerful, heady and soulful guitar work.  Impressed that you could carry us along with you on what I consider experimental esoteric performance with such ease and fueled by just a little red wine.  A great mix of insightful story telling, tasty guitar work decorating and teasing your wide ranging vocal inflections.  I know a maestro when I come across one.  Thanks for carrying us into the sublime.  No forgetting this evening.  Be happy.  You're uniquely gifted and we're in your debt for sharing it.” – Ronald

“I wanted to tell you from a "rabid fan's" point of view, Eric's show last night was incredible! You could have heard a pin drop in the room as Eric wove his stories leading into songs that gave the audience understanding and complicity as if they were part of the songs. He has an unbelievable way of connecting people to their memories of similar experiences to that which he sings and talks about. Eric really touched some hearts and tears were shed (some of them mine, as usual!).” – Judy

The Woodshed at Keith Holland Guitars – Los Gatos, CA – April 20 & 21, 2013

“We had a great weekend with Eric! He put on a great show, and everyone at the workshop left feeling inspired – including us!” – Bev, TrueWind Music

“Just wanted to let you know that i caught the Los Gatos show. Please tell [Eric] his show made my birthday and beyond that its a memory that any other show i’ll see will be hard to beat...he’s such a "juggler" as he calls himself....and i cannot imagine any of his songs not being perfect.” – Mark

Marshall Grange Presents – Garden Valley, CA – April 19, 2013

“Eric gave an incredible great concert last night at the Marshall Grange, engaging the audience and giving a young 21 year old banjo player a memory of a lifetime. And needless to say, Linda and I enjoyed having Eric and his company at our house. A great time for all. Thanks again to Eric for another wonderful and memorable time.” – Buzz, Marshall Grange Presents

“Both of us felt, after we got home, that Taylor was speaking to us as he told stories between his music. Townsend Van Zantz, Johnney Cash, Sterling Hayden... Whew! All of them are favorites of ours. Taylor's lyrics hit the nail on the head on multiple levels.” – Ken

March 2013

Live Music Is Better – Blue Ridge, GA – March 2, 2013

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful concert. I loved getting to know you and Eric better.” – Pat

January 2013

Tallahassee House Concert – Tallahassee, FL – January 18, 2013

“What a night! And the jam afterwards was epic!” – Bobby

“Really nice – beautiful music and storytelling – and so cool hanging with him afterwards – so gracious – great stories, fantastic picking by everyone. Thanks George. Thanks Eric.” – Tommy

“Enjoyed the music. Taylor uses a technique which reminds me of Sam Baker’s lyrics – repetition of a short line, mid-verse; much like a sigh of resignation. David’s [Webb] keyboard added a lot.” – Charlie

Europe 2012 (September - November)

Cafe de Amer – Amen, The Netherlands – November 4, 2012

“We had a wonderful afternoon at the Amer. It was a great performance and very nice to see and hear Eric live. I hope he will be back next year!” – Klaas

“Yesterday we were at The Amer (with our friends Rob & Carla) to see Eric... WHAT a Show!!!!!!!!  For me it was the first time I was at the Amer and it also was the first time I saw Eric playing live, what a great performance.  When we arrived, Eric was standing outside, meet and greet, wonderfull!!!  Eric did a magnificent show, he was really playing with his heart!!!  It was a beautifull afternoon for all of us.  See you in November 2013!!!!!” – Gerrit

Silodam House Concert - Amsterdam, The Netherlands – November 2, 2012

Eric and Mathias, thank you ever so much for a wonderful evening and fine music! Loved the anecdotes about early Little Feat @ the Texas Rose Cafe around 1971 too !” – Marius

Die Funzel – Worms, Germany – October 27, 2012

“That was an evening to remember. Thanks for the music, the stories and that I got to know you, if one may call it that. As said I discovered you late and would love to see again next year. Just diving into your lyrics. Wish I could write like this.” – Arne

Alte Liebe – Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, Germany – October 24, 2012

“Thank you for the great concert on Wednesday! The stories, some humorous, some heartbreaking, and the songs that cut right to the bone. All the best for the rest of your tour! Take care.” – Alte Liebe staff and friends

“Yesterday Eric performed with Mathias Schneider at 'Alte Liebe' ('Old Love'), a small venue in Frankfurt. I've been an avid admirer of his art for many many years, and was  happy to attend this concert. It was a fine performance and the audience obviously enjoyed seeing him.” – Andreas

Maes Y Wawr – Bontnewydd, Wales – October 14, 2012

“Thanks to singer songwriter Eric Taylor who did an impromptu concert in the backwoods of Aberystwyth Wales in the old school/church of my buddy's Johnathan Lewis. What a treat to have him just "stop by and play a diddy or two". It was an honor to run the sound in something that can only be described as magical.” – Karl

“After a very fine meal prepared by me (they may dispute the fine part), we all went down the road to the venue where a very appreciative audience awaited them. It was a great night, and I thank you for putting out the call. I hope we can do it again next year???” – Paula

The Tangled Parrot – Carmarthen, Wales – October 12, 2012

“Brilliant show at the Tangled Parrot last night, good to see Eric again and Stuart. To quote one of the punters, a man from Cardiganshire........." Mesmerising" – Russ, Builth Wells

The Green Note – London, England – October 11, 2012

“ "What do you say this pain is God, you say I'm crazy, but I'm not..." Another mesmeric show from Eric Taylor last night. Big Love.” – Jack Harris

September 2012

SYLA Presents (Oakland) – September 8, 2012

My wife and I have appreciated Eric's music and writing for a long time. We thought we were alone here in northern California. We had talked of traveling to a distant venue for the solitary excuse of seeing him play.  Yeah. That's how authentic we think he is. So...we lucked out when we learned of his house concert in Oakland last night. It's 30 minutes from our home in San Anselmo, Ca. I think I died and went to heaven for two hours. Thanks very much.” – Wayne

"Eric took us all on several trips through his songs, to North Carolina’s Glassy Mountain, Nashville to Hendersonville ... from New York to San Francisco But most of all Eric took me home, right back to Texas. But tonight he was the greatest gentlemen I have ever known, a few words, a laugh and a hug ...Thanks Eric for giving all of us in that room everything you had, we are in your debt." – another audience member at SYLA Presents

“Eric, we were all moved by your music and the sharing of your life.” – C. Canup

“Extraordinary performance in Oakland 9/8. He lured me in to his world, a world I was sometimes scared to be in until elation showered my fears away! I am so inspired by his free-flowing storytelling...since I'm a "carny/artist" I've gotta steal some of that darkness for myself...Thank you Eric for being who you truly are!” – Garrick

August 2012

Music Beneath The Mesa (El Morro, NM) – August 19, 2012

“The TLC was easy. He's a sweetheart. It meant a lot to us that he greeted our guests on the front porch. A Texas gentleman. Thanks for all your figuring, storytelling and songs. You were both great....” – Pam and Jon

Abilene House Concert (TX) – August 11, 2012

"Having Eric & Susan Taylor for our first house concert will always be one of our favorite memories. They were like old friends. Eric is one of the best Texas singer/songwriters around, so having the opportunity to have him perform in our living room was unbelievable. Eric is an artist, painting pictures and creating characters with his words, whether they be spoken or sung. Don't miss the opportunity to invite him into your living room for an evening you and your friends won't forget." –

G. Six

June 2012

Knucklehead’s (Kansas City) – June 28, 2012

“Eric's show was magical. We love him in Kansas City. Thanks for sharing him with us.” – Diana

Rick Singer Photography (Spokane) – June 7, 2012

“I’m glad Eric had a great time, new folks enjoyed his show and he sold a bunch of cd’s!” – Rick

“We had a great time with Eric.  Glad he was able to make it back to Spokane this year and stay with my family.  My oldest son had some great conversations with him.  And, the concert was great!” – Bob

Missoula House Concert (Montana) – June 8, 2012

“We had a GREAT time at the house concert.  Eric was quite entertaining on a number of different levels.  The group just fell in love with his stories and he certainly had the whole house howling with laughter a few times.  It was good energy.  And I really enjoyed the time with Eric after everyone left and then the next morning.  He shared so much of himself and his life history and the wake of energy he left behind still resonates with me.  In fact I still tell close friends the story he shared about learning to let go of worry and not to borrow troubles.  He told us he doesn’t look too far beyond the next day when living life.  I told Allan as he was driving away that morning that I felt honored to have crossed paths with him and he’s probably one of the most genuinely unique people I’ve met in a very long time. I’m so glad we made the list of Eric’s favorite places.  I think it would be fun to have him back again.” – Julie

Bozeman Folklore Society (Montana) – June 9, 2012

Just wanted to drop you a note and say how much all of us really, really enjoyed Eric’s performance on Saturday here in Bozeman. Eric told us all how much he enjoyed the night and would love to come back again. That was very good to hear. Thanks again. And I look forward to hearing how the rest of the tour went and for both of you to continue to enrich our lives with this fine art of the highest order.”  – Rik, Bozeman Folklore Society

Portneuf Valley Brewing (Idaho) – June 10, 2012

“Once again, Eric put on a great show and everyone was amazed. Hopefully, we can do it again next year.” – Angier

Joseph Studio Concert (Oregon) – June 12, 2012

It was a great concert!  Everyone who was here had a wonderful experience. Lots who hadn't heard Eric before.  We'll always look forward to seeing Eric.  I really enjoy that he plays in the studio.  He leaves a wake that is super to ride.” – Rodd

Civic Auditorium (The Dalles, OR) – June 14, 2012

“We had a great time. Eric’s performance was spectacular.” – Dan

Concerts At Our House (Seattle, WA) – June 15, 2012

“Friday’s show was truly amazing....full house....standing ovation....everyone listening intently and loving it.” – Nancy

“Well, it was a dream come true. Eric was at his best. Hopefully we can do it again.” – Curt

The Green Frog (Bellingham, WA) – June 17, 2012

“Great show tonight at the Green Frog, Eric. Thank you for coming here and sharing your music with us. Look forward to playing the digits off Scuffletown.” – Chuck

“Susan, it was a remarkable show, as it always has been. I’d be offended if you didn’t contact me for another show! Thanks for your time on this.” – James

May 2012

Marshfield House Concert (Vermont) – May 15, 2012

Eric has a way about him that lets his audience know he's in command of the stage, which allows us to relax and fully imbibe from the spout of his lyrical juggling act.”  – David Parvey, Filmmaker

I never miss a chance to hear my Texas friend, Eric Taylor, on the rare occasion he's doing a Northeast tour. Well, lo and behold, this year, I'm excited to tell you he'll be performing a private house concert here at "Dianaland"! Many of my musician friends, all of whom marvel at the beauty of a good song, will fill the music room to experience Eric's extraordinary songwriting, guitar playing, storytelling, and a voice that emotes like none I know of. He's a remarkable human being and a captivating character. – Diana Winn Levine

April 2012

Stone Room Concerts (Virginia) – April 1, 2012

“It was a real privilege having Eric share an evening with us. From his first words, he had the audience in the palm of his hands, and frequently laughing in stitches! Storytelling was woven in, through and around his songs and I, for one, left the evening with a renewed appreciation for his personal contribution to a long and venerable generation of Texas songwriters.” – D. Holiday

Coon Rapids House Concerts (Iowa) – April 19, 2012

“We just love Eric and BeJae [Fleming]! It was a wonderful show - thank you for setting it all up! Let me know when they’ll be back in the area! – A. Elliott

Byron’s (Iowa) – April 20, 2012

“I want to thank you for all that you did to make this show happen.  Eric Taylor is an amazing songwriter and a very interesting man.  I loved talking to him.  BeJae is a friend of mine and is an exceptional singer/songwriter also.  I would love to have both of them back sometime.” – Byron

Log House Concerts (Missouri) – April 25, 2012

“Eric has become our favorite artist to host; it is truly a pleasure to spend time with him.” – M. Zanger

Red Door Tavern (Ohio) – April 27, 2012

“Susan, thank you for the opportunity to bring Eric back to Columbus. Of all the concerts I bring to town Eric is my hands down favorite. As usual Eric along with BeJae and Jackie gave us a wonderful night of music.


Eric made ALL the papers. He was rated the #1 show to see in Columbus this week in one paper and one of the top 5 in another. Many people saw Eric Friday evening for the first time and commented it was one of the best nights of music they had ever heard.


I sincerely hope Eric, BeJae and Jackie enjoyed it as much as I did. If so, I'm a happy man.


I announced the Freedom Farms concert for the next night at our show, sent out an email to our list, gave out printed directions and attended the show. Again, as always, Eric delivered in spades.


Have a wonderful day and I look forward to working with you again when Eric comes through the Midwest. You do a great job coordinating all aspects of his tours and are a joy to work with.” – B. Teague

March 2012

PSALM Salon (Philadelphia) – March 23, 2012

“I'm so happy to hear that he likes playing here as much as we like having him! He is truly a rare American gem, and much appreciated here. I look forward to the next swing East. The door's always open...” – Jamey, PSALM Salon

Old Town House Concerts (Harrisonburg, VT) – March 24, 2012

“We just loved that whole evening, and meeting Eric was truly a treat.  Can't wait for next March!!  Best to you both til then.” – Andi & Chris, hosts

Cyclops Bookstore (Baltimore) – March 26, 2012

“Monday's show in Baltimore was a breath of fresh air; himself sounded wonderful, looked hale and hearty, and mesmerized an intimate group of charm city hipsters. Thank you Eric!” – John

January 2012

Olive Branch concert (Mississippi) - January 20, 2012

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having Eric and to say “Thank You Eric” for the wonderful evening. Although we had a few last minute cancellations, we still had a house full. To the person, everyone I’ve spoken to since the concert loved it. Several folks, who’ve been to all of our concerts said, “This was the best one so far.”  Keep us informed when Eric’s tour schedule brings him our way, we would be interested in hosting him again.”  – Richard

Hillbilly Haiku House Concert (Tennessee) - January 21, 2012

“Eric Taylor is simply the best. He takes the audience along into his songs with him. It is a n experience, not just a concert. We adore this artist and hold him among those we are most privileged to host.” – D. Williams

“It was my first total immersion with Eric's music, face to face, ear to ear. I look forward to the Bluebird, having been properly introduced... No words.”  – Robbin

Music At Blount Springs (Alabama) - January 27, 2012

“Thanks for working with us to book Eric here.  We had a very attentive and respectful crowd.  He did an awesome show, which ended with a standing ovation!”  – Tammy

November 2011

Y'all are as good as it gets. Listened to Red Shack all the way back to Kerrville. Just great!  It will reside in my deck for months.” – Jeff Gavin, Rice Festival

October 2011

I was lucky enough to see Eric in Wales not so long ago. It's the third time I've seen him here and he was as fabulous and generous as ever. There are some wonderful singer/songwriters out there, but few can turn a phrase, or allow movement in hesitation, or dazzle with that small, sly smile the way Eric Taylor can. I hope he comes back soon.” – Paula

“I am very glad Eric had a good time, we did our very best to make him feel comfortable. I would just like to add that his performance was stunningly brilliant. He had the audience enthralled and you could hear a pin drop the whole way through both sets. The emotion he gets into his performance had me welling up at times, he is one of THE truly great singer songwriters and I would love to have him come and perform again at the Hafod.” – Harry Rogers, Live At The Hafod (Devil’s Bridge, Wales)

“I'm based in mid-Wales, UK. I used to be a director of (the now disbanded) Cambria Arts in Tregaron, and we had the privilege of hosting Eric twice (or was it 3 times?) around 6-8 years ago. Performing front-of-house duties and introducing him from the stage - and sharing a single malt or two post-gig! - was about as good as it gets! Eric's 'Hemingway's Shotgun' was arguably the best track on our Live at The Talbot CD, of which we're still ridiculously proud ... We always loved having Eric to play for us, and our audience felt the same. I (and some of the old Cambria Arts crowd) saw him last Saturday at the Hafod in Devil's Bridge, and it was, as ever, a mesmerising experience...We all think the world of Eric here, and look forward to his return next year. On a personal level, I'm full of admiration of his resilience and determination to keep going, touring and writing and bringing us his life-enhancing words and music. Please pass on our very best wishes to him when he gets home.” – Andrew Hawkey, mid-Wales

August 2011

Barnes House Concert - August 27, 2011

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. You charmed us all from the very beginning. Our guests age 19-90 – all were under your spell. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes deeply moving, but always a real pleasure to experience. We all agree....our best and most fun concert ever! What a treat. Come back.” – Deanna and Bill Barnes

I had heard of Eric but had never heard him play. I can honestly say that I've never seen a performer leave so much of himself on stage. He was so honest and his emotions while singing so raw that he could have been alone instead of playing before a room full of strangers.” – Tom Henry, Barnes House Concert

June 2011

Concerts at Rick Singer Photography Studio - June 14, 2011

“Folk music lovers in Spokane experienced a rare treat last night at Rick Singer's studio ... Eric put on a superb show! I love his recorded music but to truly experience Eric's music, one must see him perform live. His show last night was one of the most personable and intimate performances that I have experienced in a very long time. His mixture of stories, humor and memories, mixed with his highly crafted music completely captivated the audience ... I'm still reeling!” – Bob

What a nice show. There is no better story teller that I have ever heard. It's close your eyes and watch the movies. Thanks for bringing him to the northwest. He is truly a treasure in the music world.” – Randy

Bozeman Folklore Society - June 4, 2011

“I was not exaggerating when I told Eric that I would have been able to just follow on down the road to be at the other tour dates. It was a wonderful night. And I had so many people tell me how much they enjoyed Eric's performance. Some were there, knowing very well Eric's material, and others were delighted with their new discovery.” – Rik

May 2011

Marshall Grange Presents - May 7, 2011

Susan & Eric – The feedback on the concert has been overwhelming.  At the firehouse community breakfast this morning (biscuits and gravy with Eric on our mind) folks who went to the concert were talking about how it was one of the best, if not the best we have had at the Grange, while the folks who didn’t attend were looking sheepish and asking when you’ll be coming back so they can attend.  I even got a few e-mails from folks out of the area who said what a great time they had.  It looks like you took Garden Valley by storm!!  We’d love to have you back for a performance the next time you are out this way which we hope is sooner than later.” – Buzz

April 2011

Moonlight on the Mountain - April 8, 2011

“My husband and I saw Eric in B'ham recently and it's the most entertained I've been in a long time....awesome show! Can't wait to see him again and hear him do Deadwood.” – Tammy

March 2011

Evening Muse - March 19, 2011

“I met Eric at a show in Charlotte, NC...just wanted to say it was an amazing, inspirational, moderately life altering musical experience that I haven't had in a long time and have been craving for years. I don't get to go out and see many shows (as my group is usually working) and it was just fantastic to see something so real and pure live in front of me.” – BJ

PSALM Salon - March 25, 2011

"Eric is a complete gentleman. He completely inhabits the brilliant world of words he creates, deftly supported by his spare, and somewhat sinister guitar work. There are not many who can touch the literary quality of his writing, or the impact of his delivery. He commands the audience like the master he is. I hope he will join us again next year." – Jamey (Philadelphia, PA)

June 2010

Sisters House Concert - June 17, 2010

“Eric was great to have at our home. He was very sociable with the guests and everyone seemed to appreciate the venue and the closeness.” – Eric (Sisters, OR)

Room For Roots Concert Series - June 19, 2010

Songwriting Master Class - June 20, 2010

“It was a delight and an inspiration to have Eric here for both the Room For Roots series and the workshop on Sunday.  I can send you some photos from the workshop and some quotes from people if you'd like. People in the Songwriter Master Class were absolutely blown away, creatively inspired and one person said it was 'life-changing.' Couldn't have gone any better from our point of view.” – Nancy, Puget’s Sound Productions (WA)

Green Frog Acoustic Tavern - June 21, 2010

“Before I let you in on what's going on for the remainder of the week, I want to quickly mention that Monday's show with Eric Taylor was one of the very best performances I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I'm sorry if you missed it, I really am. That man has such control of his voice, both singing and speaking, and can carry the audience effortlessly through the storytelling and songs in a way that I have never seen or heard before. He was simply incredible. He spoke of his friend Townes Van Zandt in a way that made it seem like Townes might be in the room, with such heartfelt reverence that it sounded like a tear might have been shed. He told of a morning in which he was sleeping under a bassinet, awaken by the toe tapping of Pete Seeger while he played a banjo tune for the baby sleeping above him and while Allen Ginsberg sat naked in the corner meditating. This was while they were on tour in a checker cab. And his songs! I see a lot of shows and I am impressed by many, but this one man, with one guitar, singing one song at a time, inspired me like no one I've ever seen. Check out his music and the next time he comes through, don't miss it.” – James, Green Frog Acoustic Tavern (WA)

May 2010

Wagman House Concerts - May 16, 2010

"I was blown away by Eric last night and his talent at weaving stories through word and song-truly a gift to have been there. Thank you for hosting a performance that Jock and I won't soon forget. If you are able, please pass along my gratitude to Eric as well." – fan (Davis, CA)

April 2010

Godfrey Daniels - April 16, 2010

“We had the best time with Eric! For the past few years we've been doing a tribute to Townes concert on Jan 1 - and with all the energies in this old club, I have to say that I believe TVZ was conjured up here last Friday night, along with all of Eric's cast of characters from his songs and stories. It was a marvelous concert, and yes yes yes we will welcome Eric back to Godfrey's anytime.” – Ramona, Godfrey Daniels (PA)

Cabin Concerts - April 18, 2010

“Eric did a superb job and it is always a pleasure to be in the company of a true master such as ET.” – Tim & Lori, Cabin Concerts (NJ)

Burritoville House Concert - April 24, 2010

“Please pass on to Eric how much we enjoyed the show and his company and friendship yesterday,   Lots of fun for us and the reason why we do house concerts.  We have been sitting on the deck this morning playing Eric’s music and marveling at the fact that he was playing those same songs in our living room last night.   It was just a wonderful night for us.  We only book artists that we love and always hope that we can bring in people that will connect with our audience - most of who are hearing the musicians for the first time. Thanks for helping to make this possible. We’d love to do it again sometime.” – Mike & Peggy, Burritoville House Concerts (NH)

“Shame on me for not knowing more about Eric and Townes Van Zandt before last night.  I’ve been online for the last hour and a half reading and watching videos and listening to Eric’s album. I count myself fortunate to be able to get these very brief glimpses into lives of these artists. We find their lives compelling and want to learn more and we can through their music. Eric’s rich past makes him a portal to a time when American folk music was very rich with artists like Townes, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and that multitude of others about whom we will learn very little. It is only if you are in the scene and living it do you gain a special appreciation for it. Folks like Townes....are here only for a little while and it is people like Eric who can carry on the message of their genius.  Burritoville concerts give me the rare and special chance to live vicariously through the lives of these artists.” – audience member, Burritoville House Concerts

March 2010

Anderson Fair - March 13, 2010

“I think Eric would make an excellent astronaut--the show at Anderson Fair last Saturday was out of this world.” – Gary, Houston 

O’Susanna Concerts - March 19, 2010

“We enjoyed Eric’s music and visit very much. He is that rare artist with a history of music and stories. It was a special treat for us!” – David & Susie, O’Susanna Concerts (AR)

Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts - March 20, 2010

“I had high expectations, and he blew them away.” – Ramcey (Hillbilly Haiku soundman)

No other artist at Hillbilly Haiku, with the possible exception of Malcolm Holcombe, has eclipsed our expectations like Eric did. His talent is a joy and inspiration to behold. But it's his graciousness, his humble, loving, generous heart that shines through and you can know his name is now written on our hearts as one of the finest people we've been fortunate to meet.” – Denise, Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts (TN)

Fiddle & Bow House Concert - March 23, 2010

“We had a great night.  Everyone was quite taken with the performance.” – Sonny, Fiddle & Bow (NC)

“It was great to see Eric again.  Let me echo Sonny's comment that everyone I talked to was really "blown away" by Eric.” – Don

“I will be there (at the Bluebird).  He’s simply remarkable. What I told Eric that made him different than most is the wonderful background stories he tells that were the basis for the songs – the songs then had so much more meaning.  Too bad he cannot do that on every song on every CD.” – Paul

Ashland Coffee & Tea - March 25, 2010

“Sitting here trying to think of words to express how amazing the last two nights have been....  5 minutes later still thinking, I don't think there are words that good. I do know I cannot thank you and Eric enough.  He is a great guy, big heart.” – Phil (VA)

Bluebird Cafe - March 27, 2010

“We thoroughly enjoyed his concert at The Bluebird. It was great to see him and was one of the high points of our trip. I don't think I told him that since it was my children's spring break I let the entire family vote on where to go for vacation.The vote was 4-0 to see Eric in Nashville. I was a happy dad and all agree it was the best vote they could have chosen.” – Bob Teague, promoter Red Door Tavern (Columbus, OH)