Live At The Red Shack


Live At The Red Shack

2011 Blue Ruby Records

US: $22  ($18 + $4 s/h)

Int’l: $32 ($18 + $14 s/h)

Track Listing

Intro Carnival Jim And Jean
Carnival Jim And Jean
Texas, Texas
Intro Lyle Lovett
Memphis Midnight, Memphis Morning
Tractor Song
Visitors From Indiana
Blue Piano
Intro Dean Moriarty
 Dean Moriarty
 Intro Nanci Griffith
 Mission Door
 Intro Dollar Matinee
 Dollar Matinee
 Intro Python
 Intro Girls
 Prison Movie
 Intro James Gilmer
 Good Times Fickle Friend
 Is Rock Prayin’?


"This is easily, very easily one of my favorite records ever.  Ever.  I mean it.
The amount of work I know you both had to do to make a record like this is staggering to me, the planning, the setup, the event itself, getting everybody there, managing them … The post recording process, the picking, choosing, the mixing … Magnificent.  I heard an earlier version of this record driving across the great Midwest.  You’d already made a lot of good decisions at that point.  The ones since then have been careful and brilliant and successful.  I love the mix, absolutely love it.  I love the songs and the performances.  Python just kills me, especially in this mix.
I’ve said this before: I don’t think there are many people who could make a record like this, not even if they had material this good.  You have to be so good at what you do to be able to pull something like this off … And the thing is, you have to have been good at what you do for a long time to produce this amount of depth from a relatively loose situation.  I’m not sure I would have believed it before I heard it.  I think this record is a masterpiece.  I do.
I love it that I know you, absolutely love it.  And I love it that you made this record.  Thank you, both of you, thank you.” – BeJae

“This is an incredible record and an amazing production job.  It might be the best live recording I've ever heard in terms of clarity.” – Jim Hynes, WXLV

"Closed my eyes listening to Dean Moriarity and I could see Eric, here in my beautiful north Florida woods, playing and singing as the audience hangs on every note! Well done my friend!" – Robert, High Springs

“Had a week with 'Live At The Red Shack'.....Simply stunning ! It's available on the web-site ..get it right now folks!” – Ian Lang

“The CD is an absolute triumph.” – Harry Rogers, Live At The Hafod (Devil’s Bridge, Wales)

“The new CD is simply stunning - Susan, congratulations on your triumphant debut in the producer's chair!” – Andrew Hawkey, mid-Wales

“Eric is one of our great singer songwriters and the album is composed of many gems helped out by marvelous perfomers such as Lyle Lovett, Denise Franke, and my personal favorite Nanci Griffith. It is the kind of album with lyrics so filed with beauty and meaning you will want to keep on playing it.” – Jim in Maine

“I just finished listening to Live At The Red Shack for the second time and both my wife and I think it is just tremendous.  We both love all of his music and have seen him twice. Just a wonderful record.” – Rich in Illinois

"I just received this awesome CD on Monday and have been listening to it every day since. Eric is superb with his masterful guitar playing and his lyrics that tell such interesting stories. And there's lots more from all his other friends who perform on the album. Buy it! You will not be disappointed!" – Bruce in North Carolina

“I got the CD yesterday and listened to it twice.  Outstanding!  Puts me in a reflective and relaxed mode---takes me back to '77 & '78 and those many enjoyable evenings at the Anderson Fair.” – Don in Georgia

"Received my copy in the mail yesterday, played it last night....perfect from beginning to end. Always loved "Deadwood", "Texas, Texas" and "Visitors From Indiana".....the renditions on this new live record are just brilliant.....Thanks for another great album, Eric." – Noah in Michigan

“Thanks for making the cd available now..i've been listening to it for the past three days and it gets better each time. Wow!! This thing is sweeter than biscuits and gravy on a Sunday morning! Y’all did a GREAT job on every moment..wonderful production!! – Michael in Florida

“Please tell Eric that I'm very affected by his music - I have the Live at the Red Shack CD and play it whenever I'm needing "grounding" - reconnection to what's important. I've been moving around a lot in the last few years, times of insecurity, and listening to those songs just reminds me of why I continue to be an artist, follow my path of living from my soul...the songs speak so beautifully of appreciating the richness of life and the vibrancy and soul in people, wherever I find myself - The quality of excellence and heart that Eric creates is stunning to me, and such a standard for everyone who wants to live from their inner truth. And yes, "exquisite" is a wonderful word that the reviewer used... The events Eric sings of are many that I remember, and it's wonderful to have someone who has put those experiences into words and song.” – Heidi in Texas

“My copy of Live at the Red Shack came in the mail today and I can't stop listening to it -- I have to say this is easily one of the best song-oriented albums I've ever heard.  The production is perfect and the performances are truly inspired. Those who have heard only Eric's studio recordings -- wonderful as they are -- are missing the boat if they don't see him perform in person.  I've been a fan for many years, and I've seen not only his songwriting abilities but his storytelling talents mature and deepen almost unbelievably -- he's truly a master of his craft, and it's a joy to experience. This recording is the next best thing to being there.” – Larry in Texas

“I received the CD.  I think it needs a warning sticker on it:  "Not suitable for listening at work. You won't be able to do anything but listen and be mesmerized." – Matt in Texas

“I just received Live at the Red Shack. It is beautiful. I discovered Eric Taylor's music about 5 yrs ago and love it, bittersweet, great lyrics, great music. I look forward to any new CDs of his. This is fantastic and unique music.” – Paul in California

“I'm listenng to the Red Shack right now - probably the 100th time.  The music and production is really excellent and it has become one of my favorite albums.” – Gene in Abilene, TX

“Anyway, a particularly wonderful string of tunes came on during my drive to work this morning.  Just before arriving at the garage where I park, 'Prison Song' from the 'Red Shack' album came on... It was one of those times when you're supposed to park & get out of the car but I just sat in my parking space (some call that an NPR moment), cranked it.... replayed the track... feeling a warm wave of love and being connected to others during the refrain... soaking in the harmonies that were coming out of y'all.  And soaking in tears.  To say it is a great version of a great song is understatement.” – Clint in Columbia, Missouri

“This CD gets serious play time in this house. We don't even bother putting it back in the CD tower anymore. It's either right there on the stereo cabinet or in the player." – Mary in Arizona

“As one who used to see Eric frequently at Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant, and the Old Quarter in Houston in the 1970's, I can attest to the feeling of presence this recording captures. I bought it specifically to hear the song "Dollar Matinee", and was not disappointed in the performance of that song, or any of the others. Listening to Eric, is like attending a reading by a great, sensitive, classic author of poems or short stories, and the music is an added pleasure.” – Kirk

“A collection of short stories as free verse with superb soundtrack ... despite its quality, and it is exceptional, musicianship struggles for attention in competition with lyrics. Many, many listens to the entire performance make one wish only to start it again, from the beginning. There are no weak spots. This is a masterwork by Eric Taylor. No small statement that, taking into consideration he has assistance from Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Susan Lindfors Taylor, Denise Franke, James Gilmer, and the remarkable guitarist and master of slide, Marco "Python" Fecchio.” – Russell

“Amazingly beautiful album in a million ways!” – Sherry in Texas

“Just when I thought Eric couldn't produce a better album than what's went before out came Live At The Red Shack. A stunning example of the best doing what he does best, enthrall with wonderful musicianship and incredible stories. This CD is embellished by Eric's friends who each add something unique to the listening experience. He is such an influence on my own writing and gave me the confidence to write songs that last longer than 180 seconds.” – Larry in Scotland

“Had Live At The Red Shack on my player for about 2 months 24-7 trying to figure out how to taper off...then figured ‘Why bother?’” – Michael in Oregon

“Had Live At The Red Shack on my player for about 2 months 24-7 trying to figure out how to taper off...then figured ‘Why bother?’” – Michael in Oregon

"I have rarely listened to a live album with such a sound ...Eric 's voice on all these so good songs and the sound of the electric guitar create a very unique atmosphere ... honestly this CD will last as something unique, it is magical, it is an extraordinary moment, in the literal meaning of the word. It is pure beauty." – Mike Penard, American Roots Music

“I have listened to it probably a 100 times by now and still find more magical moments in there. It is in my car CD-player and if you hear it at night driving it is even more magical. Thanks for that. Still wondering why I am so drawn to these Texan songwriters. Something that probably cannot be explained or has to. My lady loves it, too.” – Arne in Germany
Live At The Red Shack named one of Top 10 Albums of the Year by Texas Music magazine

One of Top 10 Albums Of The Year - Winter 2012


Live At The Red Shack, by one of the deans of the genre, is a dream come true for fans of Texas singer-songwriters. Taylor goes all the way back to Houston’s singer-songwriter folk heyday when Taylor, Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams, John Vandiver, Rex Bell, Gurf Morlix, Blaze Foley and a dozen or so others held sway at Anderson Fair. Recorded live in front of a small crowd at Rock Romano’s Red Shack studio in Houston, Taylor is pithy and pertinent in his introductions as he brings on Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Denice Franke and others and works his way through an excellent sampling of his work. Beginning with the salty carney’s lament “Jim And Jean,” and “Texas, Texas,” by the time he’s restamped chilling versions of “Dollar Matinee” and “Prison Movie” and closes the door with “Good Times Fickle Friend,” Taylor leaves no doubt he’s one of the true – and darkest – Texas lyrical giants.
– William Michael Smith